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gun to flower

Billy's Dream by Tony King

2008 (Inspired by Slaughterhouse Five and dedicated to Kurt Vonnegut Jr.)

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The war was a movie played backwards at least it was in Billy's dream.... bombs were sucked up from their holes in the ground to the planes where they had once been..... craters were once again schools... bullets sped back to their guns.... bleeding wounds healed themselves over and smoke cleared away from the sun.... the bombs were sent back to their factories dismantled with all of the planes.... the Auschwitz carriages came back full and they kissed as they stepped off the trains.... the soldiers turned back into children to innocence again... to innocence again.. the soldiers turned back into children to innocence again.. to innocence again... the trenches turned back into fields From Vietnam to El Alamein and young men rose up clean from the mud to their lovers arms again... the rubble turned back into churches where they sang their hymns back from amen.....medals were melted back into one peace And Enola was gay once again..and Love was returned to the people.. free will taken back from the men... and the apple was put back on the tree And the garden was Eden again

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